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By Lee Montgomery

Hello everyone, and welcome to, the home of what I hope becomes the Internet's top destination for news and more on NASCAR's Nationwide Series. I'm Lee Montgomery, formerly of, and NASCAR Scene/

Many know the Nationwide Series as NASCAR's No. 2 series, but to borrow the name of Rick Houston's book, it's "Second to None." The series combines many facets of NASCAR, from the top Sprint Cup teams and drivers to up-and-coming superstar drivers to teams and drivers simply trying to make it.

To me, it's the best series in NASCAR. But it's also one of the most "under-covered" series, as well. There are too many stories in the series that you, the fan, need to know about. But there's too few people doing them. That's why I'm here.

I covered the series full time for the last four years and have gotten to know many of the people in it. They truly are second to none.

I start this website simply because of a passion for the series and the people. I hope you as readers truly enjoy what I have to say here.

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