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Press release: R3 Motorsports testing at Motor Mile Speedway in Virginia

R3 Motorsports

CHINA GROVE, N.C. (January 27, 2010) – With the 2010 NASCAR Nationwide Series season starting in a few short weeks, the No. 23 Chevrolet team of R3 Motorsports is working to get ahead of the learning curve every way possible.

Leaving at 5 a.m. on Wednesday morning, the crew took a test car and their short-track and intermediate back-up car to the .426-mile oval of Motor Mile Speedway in Radford, Va. This is the first on-track time the team has experienced this year, and the crew logged some long days and nights to ready both cars.

Robert Richardson, Jr. has been in the shop every day for the last two weeks helping crew chief John Quinn and the rest of the R3 team prepare for this test session.

"You look forward to any bit of track time you can get before the season starts," Richardson, Jr. said. "You hope the level of dedication and time put in by everyone in the shop pays off during these test sessions. More importantly, you hope it pays off once you get on the tracks to race.

"This whole team is ready to get the season started, and this will just get us even more pumped up by us just making some laps."

Quinn is looking forward to seeing how the data and set-ups they’ve come up with in off-season will transfer to the car once it’s on the track. From there, they can see what adjustments need to be made and how the car reacts.

This is also a good time for him and Richardson, Jr. to work on their communication.

"He and I talk a lot about different scenarios and what we’re both looking for from the car," Quinn said. "You can only talk and look at so much data before you want to see how it actually works on the track. That’s why a test session like this is so important to our team.

"Everyone has been putting a lot of effort into everything we’ve done in the off-season. We already have our cars built for the first four races of the season. If they handed out checkered flags for effort; we’d have one."

R3 Motorsports recently launched their Facebook page (R3 Motorsports) and Twitter (@R3Motorsports) account and would like to invite all fans to follow them throughout the 2010 NASCAR season.