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NASCAR suspends R3 Motorsports crewman for violating substance-abuse policy

NASCAR has suspended R3 Motorsports Nationwide Series crew member Kenneth Luna for violating the sanctioning body’s substance abuse policy.

NASCAR said on Feb. 24, Luna was found to have violated Sections 12-1 (actions detrimental to stock car racing) and 19 (violation of the NASCAR substance abuse policy) of the 2010 NASCAR rule book.

The team said Luna was a gas runner and second-can man on race day, as well as having various shop duties.

"This in an unfortunate instance and we hate to see something like this happen to Kenneth and our team," R3 Motorsports owner Robert Richardson Sr. said in a press release. "We fully support and stand side-by-side with NASCAR’s substance violation policies and will continue to follow their guidelines in this area. This isolated incident will be dealt with and handled by NASCAR and our race team."Our job now is to move forward and have a good race this weekend at Las Vegas Motor Speedway."