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RCR's John Wes Townley cited for underage alcohol possession

Richard Childress Racing driver John Wes Townley was cited for underage possession of alcohol last Thursday in Las Vegas, several media outlets reported.

Townley was allowed to race in Saturday’s NASCAR Nationwide Series, where he finishes a career-best 15th. Both the team and NASCAR released statements Saturday confirming the situation.

"I want to apologize to NASCAR, everyone at Richard Childress Racing and all of our sponsors," Townley, 20, said in the statement. "I made a big mistake and feel terrible about it. I have learned a valuable lesson and will do everything I can to make it up to those I have let down."

Childress said the team will handle any punishment of Townley.

"Drivers are human and make mistakes like everyone else," Childress said. "However, we do not condone his behavior and will be handling it as an internal matter at RCR."

NASCAR said it met with Townley before the race.