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The birth of daughter Anne was 'life-changing' for Carl Edwards

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LAS VEGAS - NASCAR Nationwide Series points leader Carl Edwards has had quite a week. First, his No. 60 Roush Fenway Racing team changed crew chiefs. Then, he and wife Dr. Kate Edwards had a baby girl, Anne.

Edwards seems overwhelmed by his daughter’s birth, but he’s already doing his fatherly duties, changing his first diaper.

"Yes, I changed a diaper," Edwards said Friday at Las Vegas Motor Speedway. "Matt and Katie Kenseth let me do a little training the other week and that actually helped me out a lot. I think Matt had a good laugh about it, but it prepared me for what was to come.

"So Kate, she was laying in bed so I changed the first four or five diapers and it went pretty well. It was good and very, very funny."

Both the parents and baby Anne are doing well, Edwards said. Still, the whole experience was "life-changing."

"Wednesday was really just amazing," Edwards said of Anne’s birth day. "I had a lot of different emotions that I didn’t plan on. When she was born, it was like, ‘Wow.’ I’m focused on this baby and you have all these emotions. Then we’re over there at the table and they were doing everything – cut the cord – and then I thought, ‘My wife is laying right over there. Is she all right?’ So then I run back over there and I’m talking to her.

"It was just a whole rush of things that I thought I was prepared for, but I wasn’t. And then after that just being able to sit there with Kate and Annie. I’m sure anyone that’s a parent can tell you how that feels. It’s just amazing. It’s a miracle."

Edwards said his wife picked the name Anne, but the couple will call her Annie.

"First of all, the name was simple," Edwards said. "That’s what Kate wanted to call her, so that was it. I started to protest a little bit just because. I didn’t really have a better name, and she made it clear that’s what she really wanted. So it’s Anne. We’re gonna call her Annie."