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Brendan Gaughan uses Twitter to point the finger at Kasey Kahne

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By Lee Montgomery

BRISTOL, Tenn. – Bristol Motor Speedway usually sends some drivers home with their feathers ruffled. That was no different after Saturday’s Scotts Turf Builder 300 NASCAR Nationwide Series race.

A pair of Toyota drivers were tangled up in the race’s sixth caution of lap 188, ending solid runs by Braun Racing’s Kasey Kahne and Rusty Wallace Racing’s Brendan Gaughan.

Kahne had led twice for 22 laps, overcoming an overheating problem. But he slammed into the back of Gaughan’s car, sending both to the garage.

"It looked like a couple cars spun up ahead and I was just entering on the top," Kahne said. "I tried to slow down and got into the back of the 62 (of Gaughan) and then I think he hit another car. I was kind of in the wrong spot at the wrong time. … I just hit too many things today."

Gaughan would certainly agree. Via his Twitter account after the race, he expressed his frustration.

"Just another typical day in my career," Gaughan said in Twitter. "Taken out by a (C)up guy who can't see a wreck happen 10 seconds in front of him."