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Justin Lofton, Red Horse Racing to attempt Texas, other Nationwide races

By Lee Montgomery

GLADEVILLE, Tenn. – Camping World Truck Series driver Justin Lofton has bought two NASCAR Nationwide Series cars and will compete in three or four Nationwide races with his truck team, Red Horse Racing. Lofton’s first race he’ll attempt to make is at Texas on April 17.

Lofton bought the Toyotas from CJM Racing, one he drove at Michigan last year and another CJM didn’t quite finish.

Lofton said he’ll also race at Charlotte in May and at Kansas in October. If the two cars survive, he said he’ll likely race them at California in October.

"It costs just as much to go run an ARCA race as it does to run a Nationwide race," Lofton said Saturday at Nashville Superpeedway before running the Truck race. "I wanted to do a couple extra races. Those are tracks that we’re going to be running the truck in, so why not use Texas as kind of a test for the June truck race? Charlotte just gives me more seat time on the race track so I can get more comfortable running with these guys. It just gives me more time on the track with them."

And driving Nationwide cars are fun, Lofton said. Usually, drivers from other series say racing trucks is the fun part.

"The Nationwide cars are shorter, they travel a bunch," Lofton said. "They’re just fun. ARCA cars are probably the best things to drive because they have all the horsepower. But if I’m going to race with Kyle Busch and Kevin Harvick, I need to run with them as much as I can."

Red Horse will be listed as the official owner and will supply crew members and its hauler, Lofton said.