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NASCAR: 'Line was crossed' in Jason Leffler/James Buescher incident

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By Lee Montgomery

GLADEVILLE, Tenn. – The incident between Jason Leffler and James Buescher late in the Nashville 300 NASCAR Nationwide Series race at Nashville Superspeedway looked quite similar to the one involving Carl Edwards and Brad Keselowski.

In that race, a Sprint Cup event, Edwards was parked by NASCAR for what it determined was intentional contact. Edwards was retaliating against Keselowski not only for an incident earlier in that race, but also for what Edwards figured was past offenses.

Edwards was later put on probation but wasn’t fined or penalized any points.

Could Leffler be in for a similar penalty? Nationwide Series Director Joe Balash said Leffler was parked for retaliating against Buescher, who had dumped Leffler earlier in the race.

Balash also said NASCAR will review the Leffler/Buescher incident early next week.

"As we’ve talked about letting the drivers police themselves and race and those kinds of things, there’s limits to everything, and when we feel those limits are crossed, then we have to step in," Balash said. "We truly believe that that was a line that was crossed."

Leffler claimed the contact with Buescher was not intentional.

"I did hear that, yes," Balash said. "We took action based on what we felt happened in that situation."