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Braun Racing to appeal NASCAR penalty for illegal shock on Kasey Kahne's car

By Lee Montgomery

DOVER, Del. - Braun Racing will appeal the penalties handed down by NASCAR for an unapproved shock absorber discovered after last weekend’s Nationwide Series race at Darlington Raceway, crew chief Stewart Cooper said Friday at Dover.

Cooper was fined $10,000 and the team and driver Kasey Kahne were docked 25 points after the left-front shock in the No. 38 Toyota failed to rebound in the specified time. NASCAR compresses shocks in post-race inspection, giving them 90 seconds to rebound to normal state.

Cooper said the shock in question needed two minutes to rebound the first time it was tested and five minutes the second time.

"Something is definitely wrong," Cooper said Friday morning at Dover. "We’re definitely not wanting to argue with NASCAR on it, by no means. That’s not the reason why we’re going to try to appeal the fine. We just want to find a reason why."

Cooper said there was no intent to cheat with the shock at Darlington.

"It’s the same stuff we’ve been running a long time on all four of our Nationwide teams," Cooper said. "The 10 car had the same exact shock setup at Darlington. They went through post-race inspection and went through just fine.

"It’s obviously a default in a part. Throughout the course of a race, the shock pistons and stuff, they have seals and O-rings inside. The particles come loose, and it could’ve stopped up a bleed or something with the bleed of a shock. That’s obviously what happened."