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'Everything's good' between Penske Racing teammates Brad Keselowski and Justin Allgaier

By Lee Montgomery

DARLINGTON, S.C. – Penske Racing teammates Brad Keselowski and Justin Allgaier both said Friday there are no lingering problems from last weekend’s race at Richmond, where Allgaier was angry at Keselowski for an on-track incident.

The two ran first and second for numerous laps, and Allgaier made a couple bold moves on restarts to try to get the lead. But Keselowski held him off, though Allgaier wasn’t pleased with Keselowski’s tactics after the race.

Allgaier said Friday he could have used better judgment as far as timing of his moves.

"I probably shouldn’t have done what I did as early in the race as I did," Allgaier said after qualifying at Darlington Raceway. "But one of the biggest things that (team owner) Roger (Penske) wanted us to make sure we understood is at the end of the day we both need to finish races. He’s not telling us that one needs to beat the other; we don’t have any orders. We’ve just got to make sure we finish.

"Hindsight’s always 20/20, but we’ve got to do a better job of that, and we’re doing that now. I feel good about it moving forward."

Keselowski said things were fine with Allgaier.

"In my mind it is," Keselowski said.

Asked about their conversation, Keselowski said it wasn’t really about last weekend’s race.

"Just talking about our cars and how we’re going to make them better," Keselowski said. "That needs to be where our focus is."

Allgaier said the focus needs to be on working better as teammates.

"Everything’s good," Allgaier said. "One of the biggest things for us is to have a team that’s going to be successful, we’ve got to work well together. Obviously, this is my first time at having a teammate and probably Brad’s first time having a teammate that really works well with him. We’ve all had our conversations."

And Allgaier is no longer angry with his teammate.

"If he is," Keselowski said, "he hasn’t said anything to me. "