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Q&A with NASCAR Nationwide Series driver Trevor Bayne at New Hampshire Motor Speedway

Toyota Motorsports

TREVOR BAYNE, No. 99 Out Pet Care Toyota Camry, Diamond-Waltrip Racing

Q: What did you think of the race at Road America?

Trevor Bayne: "There was some crazy stuff going on and that’s what those road course races are about is survival. That was our game plan from the beginning; you just had to make it through those things. We finished 10th and it was our second top-10 of the season and that was our first road course race in the Nationwide Series so I felt pretty good about it. Our strategy was just to make all the laps. We knew it would probably be a top-10 effort if we could do that because of all the stuff that happens at those road courses. I watched the ones from last year and that’s what it seemed like. If you had your fenders on the car at the end then you were a top-10 car.

"In practice we kind of had that mentality. We went out, stayed on the track the whole time, didn’t learn any bad habits of over-driving the corners and locking up brakes and just tried to be consistent. In that, we gained speed the whole weekend. As the race went on and as qualifying went on, we were always getting faster and faster. It’s hard to do that as a driver. It’s hard to go into those corners and back yourself up and try to get quicker every lap. It’s easy as a driver on the first lap to want to run top of the board and overdrive and end up in the sand trap. That was something that you just had to trick your mind into doing. They did a great job with that car and it was pretty fast.

"We had Out Pet Care on board again and it was great to have them there. Unfortunately, they didn’t get to make it out to the race, but they got to watch it on TV and they said it was a great race to watch on TV. I know it was a lot of fun for the fans as well."

Q: How do you interact with Morgan Shepherd?

Trevor Bayne: "Check his out, he’s 68, he’s still digging and wheeling race cars. I hope I can be that way when I’m 68. Morgan is doing a great job of hanging in there. He’s the oldest guy in the sport and he’s done a great job of being around. I know he’s great with the fans, I’ve sat with him the last couple of weeks and it’s amazing to see the support that he has. I look up to that and see how he treats everybody and it’s pretty awesome."

Q: What do you think of the new Nationwide Series car?

Trevor Bayne: "We tested at the Milwaukee Mile last week and they are a driver’s race car. You can really hustle them. They’re just as quick as the old Nationwide car and I thought they were going to be about a half-a-second off when we were there testing, but they were actually just as fast. They were a lot of fun through the center of the corner and they turn really well. The complaints of the COT when it first came out were how tight it is so they took that, they fixed it for the Nationwide car now and it’s pretty unbelievable. I think the Daytona race is going to be a lot of crazy stuff happening just because they are so free. We were looking at our data from the test and we had more wheel to the right than I did to the left sometimes, but they’re fun to drive and I think it’s going to go back to making the cars handle rather than just go fast even at those superspeedways. They’re still easy to adjust so I think it’s going to be good racing."