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Recent surgery has Eric McClure in a lot of pain at Road America

By Lee Montgomery

ELKHART LAKE, Wis. – Team Rensi Motorsports driver Eric McClure is in quite a bit of pain this weekend after he had surgery to repair a torn muscle earlier this week. McClure plans to start the Bucyrus 200 NASCAR Nationwide Series race Saturday, but will give way to Chris Cook as soon as possible.

"I’d just prefer to sit out, but they’ve been really supportive of me starting the race," McClure said. "Chris is a friend of mine, and I know he’ll do a good job. I just don’t want to get him too far behind. My hope would be an early caution. But if not, we’ll do what we’ve got to do. I’m having a really hard time."

The surgery went well, McClure said, though the location was in a bit of an embarrassing location. Let’s just say it’s below the waist, but not in the front.

"I’ve just been having some problems for a few months," McClure said. "I went to get it checked out, thinking it was something else, and it turns out I had a tear."

The injury got worse over time as it wouldn’t heal. Even after surgery, McClure is uncomfortable, as the pain "takes your breath away." Worse for him, he can’t take pain medication.

"We had the surgery done and came up here, which probably wasn’t the most intelligent thing in the world to do," McClure said. "We’re going to try to start the race. We’re in a tough situation. For me, the owners points are the most critical, so I’m worried about that. But unfortunately, the way our situation is, we stand the most chance of more end-of-year money with driver points."