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Bob Keselowski on entry list for ORP NASCAR Nationwide Series race?

SPEEDWAY, Ind. – Brad Keselowski said his father has cooled off "a little bit" after his strong reaction after the incident between Brad and Carl Edwards on the final lap of last weekend’s NASCAR Nationwide Series race at Gateway International Raceway.

Bob Keselowski, a former driver, said after the race that he would "get my own damn uniform back on and take care of this. He ain’t going to kill my boy."

Brad’s older brother Brian joked that the family should enter Bob Keselowski in this weekend’s event at O’Reilly Raceway Park.

"My brother thought that it would be funny to put in an entry blank for him," Brad said Friday. "I can tell you he got a lot of sponsorship opportunities. I told someone the other day that I don’t think that he could fit in his old firesuit. It’s kind of cool to see him get fired up.

"Those who know my dad well will tell you that he yelled just as loud Saturday and Carl as he would have at me. He’s a pretty equal opportunist. I think that he’s cooled down but naturally I think he carries a little resentment."

Brad said he didn’t think his father confronted Edwards after the race.

"If he did that wasn’t something that I saw," Brad said. "I didn’t see the TV part until I got back on my bus. I got held up at the care center, but I wish I would have seen it."