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Feud between Carl Edwards, Brad Keselowski doesn't seem to have died down

SPEEDWAY, Ind. – The feud between Carl Edwards and Brad Keselowski doesn’t seem to have calmed down at all, despite penalties to both drivers after last week’s controversy in the NASCAR Nationwide Series race at Gateway International Raceway.

Have the two drivers talked to each other?

Keselowski: "No I haven’t. If I feel like it would be productive – obviously whatever talk that we had at Bristol was not necessarily productive, I don’t see why now would be any different."

Edwards: "I don’t think we really have much to talk about. I don’t."

Is it personal between the two?

Keselowski: "If that’s not personal I don’t know what personal is. I’m still trying to learn that. I don’t carry anything personal. When I get into the car everyone’s the same other than trying to guess how they’re trying to react to something. I don’t feel like I give preferential treatment out there."

Edwards: "There’s nothing personal between Brad and I – from my side there’s not. I have a lot of respect for him and what he does on the race track, but the problem is that he can’t just run into me to get an advantage, especially for wins. That’s happened way too much between us. The part I’m real happy with on these penalties, I can accept my penalty, but I’m happy that NASCAR recognized that Brad needed to be penalized too – that my race car could have been the one turned around, run into by people behind me, all in pursuit of a win. I think it’s important that NASCAR recognized that."