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NASCAR takes shock from Aric Almirola's JR Motorsports Chevrolet

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By Lee Montgomery

CLERMONT, Ind. – NASCAR has confiscated the left-front shock of Aric Almirola’s JR Motorsports No. 88 Chevrolet following post-race inspection from the Kroger 200 Nationwide Series race at O’Reilly Raceway Park on Saturday night.

NASCAR officials said the shock will not rebound. NASCAR will take the shock back to its research and development center for further evaluation. Any penalties would be announced early next week.

This is the third time a shock has been taken after it failed post-race inspection. A right-front shock off Brad Keselowski’s winning Talladega car and a left-front shock off Kasey Kahne’s fourth-place Darlington car.

Both drivers and teams were penalized 25 points for the infractions.

NASCAR gives shocks 90 seconds to rebound to their original position during post-race inspection.