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Carl Edwards offers suggestions for improvements to new Nationwide Series car

Kyle Busch (18) and Carl Edwards battle for position late in Saturday’s race. Edwards, who led twice for 19 laps, finished second while Busch was third. (Photo: Jeff Zelevansky/Getty Images for NASCAR)

By Reid Spencer
Sporting News NASCAR Wire Service

BROOKLYN, Mich. — Carl Edwards has driven the new Nationwide Series race car only once in competition on a downforce race track, but after finishing second to Brad Keselowski in Saturday’s Carfax 250 at Michigan International Speedway, the driver of the No. 60 Ford had a list of improvements he’d like to see in the car.

"I think that it raced well," Edwards said. "I think the safety improvements are good. The only thing I would wish for is less downforce and more horsepower. They are really dependent on the engines. You’re almost wide open around there (Michigan).

"I wish we could take those ears (side pieces on the spoiler) off the back and shorten that front splitter a little more. I still believe firmly that this sport will be better off if we race cars on the track and not through the air. They look great, and they race pretty well."

Because the new Nationwide car shares characteristics with the Sprint Cup chassis—the same 110-inch wheelbase, for example—Edwards thinks it may be more valuable to run the Nationwide races from an information-gathering standpoint.

"There are differences in the front suspension and front height of the car," Edwards said. "I think there are some things you can transfer. It might make it more beneficial to run these races. The horsepower difference is so huge that the cars—you drive them differently. You need different things out of the cars, if that makes sense, so it doesn’t translate completely."