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Justin Allgaier claims Nationwide Dash 4 Cash season-ending bonus

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FORT WORTH - With his victory in Saturday's O'Reilly Challenge NASCAR Nationwide Series race, Carl Edwards won $75,000 in Nationwide Insurance's Dash 4 Cash program.

Thirteenth-place finisher Justin Allgaier, meanwhile, won the $75,000 Dash 4 Cash season-ending bonus as the eligible driver who scored the most points in the four Dash 4 Cash races.

"It was a great job by the 22," Allgaier said of his teammate, Brad Keselowski, who clinched the Nationwide title Saturday. "For Brad and (team owner) Roger (Penske), the season they've had is really awesome. They were able to win the championship this race and we were able to win the Nationwide Dash 4 Cash and the $75,000. That's pretty cool."

VIDEO: Justin Allgaier thanks Nationwide for their support