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QUOTES: J.D. Gibbs/Brian Scott press conference

Toyota Motorsports

FORT WORTH - Quotes from a press conference announcing Brian Scott will join Joe Gibbs Racing's NASCAR Nationwide Series team for 2011:

J.D. GIBBS, president, Joe Gibbs Racing
Opening Statement:

"On behalf of Joe Gibbs Racing, we are excited about adding a third Nationwide car next year with Brian Scott as our driver. Just looking forward to adding that to the mix. We're still running the 18 with Kyle (Busch) next year and the 20 with Joey (Logano), and we're looking forward to running for a driver's championship next year with Brian (Scott). Adding that third Nationwide car is a big deal for Joe Gibbs Racing."

Do you have a sponsor, crew chief and/or a number for Brian Scott's Camry?

"On the sponsor side, we have some of that fit and ready to go and some of it we're still looking for, so obviously part of this announcement is, ‘hey we have a great, young driver we think could be a good fit for a lot of new partners into the sport.' The Nationwide Series is such a great fit for a lot of our (sponsors) -- the Z-Line's, the Sports Clips, the GameStop's that do that -- that's where they want to be is Nationwide. So, I think that is encouraging for our sport. We're going to hire a crew chief from in-house, but we're not really ready to announce that yet and then a number we're still kind of working on. We were 19 in the past. We're looking at maybe switching that around some. We should announce a lot of that here in the next few weeks."

What are your expectations for Brian in 2011?

"A championship right off the bat, win at least half of the races (laughter) -- no, but I really do think for Brian (Scott) -- and we've done this enough to know we're never going to do a deal just to do a deal. We learned in the past the hard way. Unless you have a guy there that you think can win races, win championships and compete week in and week out, it's not worth doing. So, our guys really kind of got together a while ago and figured, ‘Hey, Brian (Scott) is one of those guys when you see what he's done in just a really kind of a short career span,' and I think that's really going to bode well for us. And I love the fact that we have our Cup guys there and our young guys, with Brian, kind of going back and forth and learn some stuff from those guys will really accelerate his learning curve. We do, we expect to be real successful right off the bat."

BRIAN SCOTT, 2011 driver, Joe Gibbs Racing
Are you looking forward to joining Joe Gibbs Racing for the 2011 season?

"It's obviously a very exciting day for me. I'm really looking forward to the opportunity that's presented to me from Joe Gibbs Racing and I can't thank Joe Gibbs (owner) and J.D. Gibbs (president) enough for letting me have this opportunity. I'm really looking forward to it on a professional level to join a championship winning organization like Joe Gibbs (Racing) and obviously their record speaks for themselves. What they've done recently in the Nationwide Series is pretty impressive. I think I saw a stat one time that they've won 50 out of the last about 100 races, and that's incredible anytime you can have success like that. And, obviously in the Sprint Cup Series they are doing very well with Denny (Hamlin) running for the championship. Also, it's equally exciting for me on a personal level to be in an organization like Joe Gibbs Racing and be around people like Joe Gibbs and J.D. Gibbs and all of the great people over there that can really mentor and mature me as a young kid up and coming in the sport and up and coming in life. So, I'm looking forward to that on both levels."

How important is it for you to have the consistency of an organization like Joe Gibbs Racing?

"I think consistency is everything in racing and you see it now more than ever -- how close championship battles are coming. And unfortunately, consistency is something that I've battled this year both at Braun Racing and then since the move over to RAB Racing. There are a number of things that I think have caused inconsistency. A lot has been my personal experience and learning process, but I think that I've gotten to a step now where I can be consistent and now I feel confident going into an organization like Joe Gibbs Racing and their consistency to help me along and also be there performance-wise week in and week out."

How much has being with Toyota throughout your NASCAR career played into your decision?

"Obviously, my relationship with Toyota goes back to 2008 when we made the switch from our family-owned Truck team when we switched from Chevrolet to Toyota, and really ever since that day I've been very loyal to Toyota and I've been very grateful for what they've done for me. Everybody over there has really helped my learning process. They've accelerated my career tremendously and have been very, very helpful -- everybody over there. It's obviously something that I pushed for very hard over at RAB Racing when they were a Ford to get them to be back in a Toyota. They really wanted me to be in a Toyota at least for the end race with the Raybestos Rookie of the Year battle going on and considering I've done most of that in a Toyota. I think it was equal. They were wanting me back with them and I obviously really wanted to be back with them just from the long relationship that I've had with them."

Do you feel like you can be a championship contender by going to Joe Gibbs Racing?

"I think you never quit learning in this sport and I think guys like Mark Martin will always tell you that. I feel like I'm ready to make a run at it and I think that being with an organization like Joe Gibbs Racing certainly provides me that opportunity. I think I'm going to continue to learn every race. I'm going to continue to pick up things and hopefully get better as I get more experience. Hopefully learn in a way that's not detrimental and learn in a fashion where it's always positive and always moving forward. Learning from top-fives and top-10s and wins and just consistent efforts week in and week out at the race track."