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Eric McClure still racing in Richmond despite severe storm damage to his house

Eric McClure
Eric McClure

Many areas in the southeast region of the United States have been affected and are seeing mass destruction and devastation in what the National Weather Service is calling one of the largest tornado outbreaks in the county.

NASCAR Nationwide Series driver Eric McClure who resides in Abingdon, Va., experienced the storm first hand last night with his family.

For what seemed like hours of waiting as the storms moved over the small town late last night, McClure finally tweeted, "Thanks for prayers. Moved to Dad's. House is wrecked; hiding place and most of house flooded; severe damage to the roof, sides, and well, the whole inside. Everyone is safe. God is good." 

Despite the loss, the Virginia driver remains positive.

"I'm very thankful right now that we are all safe," McClure said. "Some people affected by these storms can't say that. This is by far the worst storm system I have ever seen. This is my first true tornado experience and I can honestly say I hope it is my last. Houses can be replaced but family can't. I am just thankful that God protected us last night."

McClure still plans to participate in Friday's Bubba Burger 250 at Richmond International Raceway.