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How would Kenny Wallace change the Nationwide Series?

Kenny Wallace
Kenny Wallace

By Lee Montgomery

About to make his 500th NASCAR Nationwide Series start this weekend at Iowa Speedway, Kenny Wallace has more than earned the right to talk about the state of the series.

What would he change? For starters, he'd cut back the schedule by about a quarter. 

"We race too much," Wallace said. "Fifteen years ago, we ran fewer races, and it made more sense. Years ago, we did not try to act like we were Sprint Cup. And now, we're trying to act like we're Sprint Cup, and it costs too much money.

"I love the Nationwide Series. I would just like to see them back off of us racing so much. Thirty-four races, it's hard for us to get $3.4 million - $100,000 a race. I think 28's the perfect amount."

Eliminating races is simple: The series doesn't have to go to so many tracks twice. Nashville Superspeedway, for example, doesn't need two races, Wallace said.

"We've grown Nationwide too big," Wallace said. "It's too big, costs too much. It costs too much money; we can't get it. Look at Carl Edwards: He's been unsponsored at Nashville and Darlington. What's that tell you? When Carl Edwards cannot get a sponsor for Nashville or Darlington - and he's one of our most popular drivers in all of NASCAR - that tells you something's wrong. We need to reevaluate."


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