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SPECIAL KAYE: What's the deal with Brian Scott?

Brian Scott (11) spins during the NASCAR Nationwide Series 5-hour Energy 200 at Dover International Speedway.
Brian Scott (11) spins during the NASCAR Nationwide Series 5-hour Energy 200 at Dover International Speedway.

By Farrah Kaye
Staff Writer,

If you haven't noticed, Brian Scott has been wrecking a lot this season. People have been betting on the fact that he will wreck in the next race.

Whether Ricky Stenhouse Jr. is bumping him out of the way (and a confrontation ensues while Stenhouse celebrates in victory lane ...) or he takes a solo spin with no one near him, Scott keeps on spinning.

I have a few theories about the incidents.

Is the fact that he lost Rookie of the Year honors last year still bugging him?

Is he still bitter about Braun getting bought out? Or that he wasn't asked to stay with the newly-formed Turner Motorsports?

Is it that the Nos. 18 and 20 cars seem to run like jets while his car runs like a regional airplane taking off from Kalamazoo?

Scott has been accused of buying his ride with family money. Whether or not that's true, I don't know. He doesn't have a famous last name and when I do a Google search for "Brian Scott NASCAR family," I get a bunch of articles that talk about his Twitter fight with Kenny Wallace, who accused him of buying his ride and having no talent.

(On a total sidenote, I find that fight hilarious, considering Scott has publicly made it known he is close friends with Steve Wallace after they started a fake Twitter war themselves.)

Which brings me full circle to where I started.

What's up with Brian Scott this year?

In 2010, he had three DNFs for crashes. So far in 2011, he's already at two (although Iowa was pretty much a DNF, where he finished 22 laps down after being bumped by Stenhouse).

And we're only twelve races in!

He's finished on the lead lap four times, usually finishing one or two laps down. On the positive side? He has two top-10s.

By the way, I'm not saying he's not talented. Scott has talent. He's got a win in the Camping World Truck Series, a slew of top-fives and top-10s and - and he CAN drive.

But it's really hard to say what's causing this new and not-improved Scott. He's got the Joe Gibbs Racing team around him, and they don't bring on drivers they don't think can win. I tried to find him today in the garage but after running 13 laps, he brought his No. 11 Shore Lodge Toyota and wasn't seen again.

A colleague observed, "maybe he should practice more."