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THE FULL MONTY: Fan reaction to Danica Patrick racing full time in NASCAR? Ho, hum

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Danica Patrick
Danica Patrick

By Lee Montgomery

A sampling of reaction from fans via social media about Danica Patrick's move to NASCAR full time was about what I expected. And it's about the same reaction I have.

Let's face it, style rules over substance these days, and not just in NASCAR. Why else would something called Snooki (Did I spell that right? Do I care?) be named as an Honorary Starter for the Sprint Cup race at Richmond International Raceway next month?

Maybe Patrick will do just fine in the Nationwide Series next season. If she does, more power to her. But if not, what happens then? Does she still get a Sprint Cup ride?

Anyway, a sampling of fan reaction via Facebook:

Cyndi Hubbard: So...

Sara Skryd: Doesn't bother me any except for the fact that's ALL we will hear about until the hype wears off. It will be shoved down our throats for a while or maybe longer than awhile.I do hope she has success though. I think it's a good thing overall!

Kevin Thorne: Another high-dollar mid-pack driver

And from Twitter:

@Mrs70runner: Sorry can't reply. Mom always said if you can't be polite, then don't say anything. 

@missiwyatt: Who cares? She will end up like (Dario) Franchitti or (Sam) Hornish Jr. She only got signed cause all the hype and marketing.

@dexterdame: Queen of hype. Haven't seen much to convince me Danica will do much.

@lmr88:  Yawn. Don't look forward to the never-ending hype.


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